Our History

In the late 80’s a group of parents were seeking an organization to provide services for their sons and daughters. They envisioned something quite different from what was available to them at the time. They received a grant from The Arc of Davidson County to do a Supported Living Project. They formed a Board consisting of family members and started a small agency.


Mid-TN Supported Living was incorporated by this group of parents in 1997. Since that date, we have grown to supporting over 30 people with services that enable them to live in their own homes, work in meaningful jobs, and be an active part of their communities.

What Supports Does Mid-TN Offer?

Supported Living - Supports provided in the persons home with their input in decisions such as staffing, where they want to live and who they want to live with.

The Three (3) Supported Living staffing models used by Mid-TN are:

Companion Model Supports - Staff lives with the person supported in a shared home and shared life environment, within the person's home. The companion assists in sharing the household expenses and daily living needs while providing a consistent and meaningful long term relationship with the person supported.

Shift Staff Supports - Services are provided in a home with up to 3 people (if appropriate). Staff work in intervals of 8-12 hours each with up to 24 hour/day coverage.

Medical Residential/'MedRes' Supports- Services are provided in a medical model home. This is for homes where persons may need direct nursing services for several hours each day. This home is Shift Staff Supports with a nurse on duty in the home each day. 

We also offer services related to:

Nursing  Whether it's RN or LPN care that is needed, we can meet the medical needs of people we support.

Day Services - We provide Community Based day services (at home or in the community depending on need) that help build a meaningful day for those that we support.

Supported Employment - We will help person supported locate and maintain meaningful employment and provide job-coaching services as needed.

What Can Mid-TN do for me?

Mid-TN believes that we can support anyone who desires a better life. We work well with ISC Agencies and the entire Circle of Support to provide thorough and meaningful communication on the needs of persons supported. We also:

  • Believe in the persons that we support and their ability to prosper
  • Help secure employment
  • Handle medical appointments
  • Provide medication assistance as needed
  • Provide financial oversight if requested
  • Provide nursing services if needed
  • Assist with activities of daily living as needed and appropriate

Eligibility and Funding for Services

Mid-TN supports persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The majority of persons we support receive Medicaid Waiver - HCBS funding through the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Visit their website at: http://tn.gov/didd/ for additional eligibility and enrollment information. 

Mid-TN is also able to provide Private Pay supports on an individualized basis. 

To discuss services through Mid-TN please contact Executive Director Michelle McCain via email:  mmccain@midtn.org 
Mid-TN Supported Living, Inc.